•To equip Christ’s people to do His ministry in the neighborhood and communities where they live, work and socialize

•To extend a hand of support and fellowship to all hurting people in our neighborhoods and communities.

•To partner with other religious institutions and community agencies to provide support and fellowship to the disenfranchised of our neighborhood and communities.

•To move Christ’s people to Discipleship through Christian Education and fellowship.

•To provide opportunities for Worship and Fellowship for the community to lead them to Jesus  Christ.

•To address human needs while leading people to the fulfillment of the Great Commission for their lives.

•To return the church to the position of “safe place” in the community for all people.
The church in the heart of the community with the people of the community in its heart.
Urban Hope Refuge Church
136 Westland Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Tel: 860 432-7181
  1. The Women’s Ministry
  2. Children’s Ministry
  3. Men’s Ministry
  4. Teens Ministry On Abstinence
  5. Education Ministry
  6. Church School Ministry
  7. Community Service for Juvenile & Adult Offenders Ministry
  8. Sunday School Breakfast Ministry
  9. Summer Camp Ministry in Collaboration with Hartford Summer School
Our mission is to equip Christ’s people to do His ministry in the immediate community of the North End of Hartford, the Greater Hartford area and New England vicinity.  To fulfill the Great Commission with a specific outreach to the disenfranchised group of 24-45  year old age group, those impacted by the current state of society emphasizing the five  purposes of the New Testament church - Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry, Worship, & Fellowship.  With these five purposes the community will be encircled by the church as a positive impact for daily life and salvation.  They drew a circle and left the church out, our church  will draw the circle to take them in.
Elder Ashley Johnson
Dr. Celeste Johnson
Dr. William Johnson
  1. After School Tutorial Program Ministry
  2. Bible Study Ministry
  3. Library Ministry
  4. Food Share Ministry
  5. Sick Visitation Ministry
  6. National Day of Prayer Ministry
  7. Clergy Awareness-Appreciation Ministry
  8. Angle Tree Ministry (Outreach to Children of Parents in Prison)
  9. Saturday Morning Community Outreach Breakfast Ministry
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